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Offering Homemade Bread since 2014

-   ABOUT US  -

Thank you so much for visiting our page. We are Amanda and Josh Dawsey. We are brother and sister and have been homeschooled for nine years now. Our parents wanted us to learn how a business works so we started Paint the Town Bread. Our parents gave us just enough money to start and we were off and running. We buy our own ingredients and pay our own booth rental at the markets. We couldn't have imagined that the business would be this successful. We have met really wonderful people along the way who have been very supportive.

This is no doubt a lot of work and hours in the kitchen but it's all well worth it! During the past couple of years, we have bought a golf cart, paid our own way to Disney World last fall, but have saved the majority of our profits. We are now saving up to buy a car this fall. (Amanda will be 16). Again, thanks so much for stopping by!

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